Briefcase is a new client portal developed by us to aid your case.
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Briefcase is a new client portal developed by 1ST CENTRAL Law to aid your case. Briefcase is currently under development, and once complete will allow clients to log in to obtain updates and information relating to their particular matter through the online Briefcase portal. Clients will also be able to submit information and messages to the person handling their case. Please click a number above to see more information regarding a particular claim key stage.

1) You instruct 1ST CENTRAL Law

1. You and 1ST CENTRAL Law have an initial conversation, to confirm information about your claim.
2. If 1ST CENTRAL Law feel that your claim has reasonable initial prospects of success based on the information provided, we will offer to act for you.
3. If you agree the terms, we will start acting for you straight away.

2) We assess prospects for success

1. The onus is on the Claimant to prove (on balance) that the other side should pay damages.
2. 1ST CENTRAL Law will formally notify your claim to the other side, and consider any response.
3. We will try to get other “liability” evidence to support your claim.
4. “Liability” evidence relates to fault and/or the obligation of a party to pay damages.
5. We will assess the prospects for success once these things have been received.

3) We gather your evidence on quantum

1. The onus is on the Claimant to prove how much loss and damage has been suffered.
2. If we feel you have reasonable liability prospects, we will get “quantum” evidence for you.
3. We will try to get documents to prove how much you’ve lost financially.
4. We will get a medical report to confirm any injuries caused by the accident.

4) We negotiate for you

1. Once we have all the liability and quantum evidence, we will negotiate for you.
2. We will advise you on the likely outcome of the claim.
3. We’ll agree quantum figures with you, and make an offer to the other side.
4. We will advise you on any costs risk posed by third party offers.

5) We litigate for you

1. If the claim does not settle by negotiation, we will issue Court papers for you.
2. The claim may settle at some stage before a final hearing.
3. We will deal with the Court timetable and prepare for a final hearing.
4. We will advise you of your obligations and what we need from you.
5. We will advise you of deadlines and the consequences of missing them.

6) We conclude the claim for you

1. We will either settle the claim for you before the final hearing, or deal with arrangements for the hearing including representation on the day.
2. We will advise you if we feel that the claim should not proceed to a hearing, and advise of any costs risks involved.

7) We get damages for you

1. We will advise you of the final outcome and collect the damages for you.
2. We will advise you of the net figure you will receive after any sums to be discharged from the damages.
3. We will send you payment for the final net figure once the damages have been received.