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Road Traffic Accident Personal Injury Claims

How we can help

1ST CENTRAL Law can help you wherever you are based in England and Wales. We deal with all types of road traffic accident claims, including claims for drivers, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. We have dedicated teams to deal with every type of claimant, from relatively low value claims up to catastrophic injury claims.

Our team’s structure has evolved over many years and our carefully designed case management system allows our legal advisers to quickly and easily escalate any challenging or difficult issues to a senior lawyer for immediate guidance or a second opinion.

Our legal team is made up of experienced and highly trained specialists working in a dynamic environment which enables them to make the right decisions quickly and with confidence, supported by a second, senior opinion when one is required.

We use simple principles, sending letters and documents by e-mail where possible and will always use plain English.

We constantly monitor the progress of claims which allows us to focus on reducing delays as well as making sure that the right result is achieved.

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How will my personal injury claim be funded?

Please see our section on funding information.